Big and Tall men’s denim fit guide

Jean companies now recognise that when it comes down to it, the customer always knows best. This means six basic fits with very little to choose between, However if you are bigger or taller than the average finding a fit that works for you can be a bewildering task, so here is a guide to the different fits. The six basics are, in no order of priority: regular, loose/comfort, regular/relaxed, slim, tapered and boot cut. Denim trends come and go, but these are the classics that you’ll see every year.

The main area that changes is around the thigh, providing more or less width by up to two inches and the shape of the leg from the knee to the hem.

Relaxed: Straight jeans that provide a relaxed fit with a straight-cut leg from the hip to the ankle. This fit works well on bigger men and will give a baggier fit to those who are taller.

Loose/Comfort: A comfortable loose straight or tapered leg with more room on the seat as well as the thigh and calf. This fit suits both big and tall men.

Regular/Relaxed: Sits on the waist with straight leg giving more room on through the thigh and calf. This is the original jeans cut and will suit both big and tall men.

Slim Fit: Sits low on the waist and cut closely to the hip and thigh with a narrow straight leg. This style of jean will give you a tailored fit to create a long, lean look that’s easy to wear. This styles suit leaner men of tall stature.

Tapered: Cut closely to the hip and thigh, these jeans stay slim on the leg to create a narrower leg opening. They look great on taller men with leaner frames.

Boot-cut: Jeans have a relaxed leg and slightly flared leg opening that’s ideal for wearing with boots. This fit will suit most builds.