When it’s gone….it’s gone!

Following Roger's retirement in November 2020, and after 30 years of highly successful trading in Royal Leamington Spa, we closed our 'bricks and mortar' store and moved exclusively online. We…

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Still Going Strong

Like so many people our plans for 2020 have been put on hold during these unprecedented times of pandemic. At this point I was expecting to have retired from retail…

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Quarantine Wear

On the evening of Monday 23rd March 2020, we sat at home in anticipation as Boris advised us (not specifically my wife and I, but the entire UK) to stay at home in order to flatten the curve and support the NHS.

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Man and Boy (Rogers Retiring!)

In 1977 (at the tender age of 15) my father left me alone in his menswear shop in Yardley Wood, Birmingham, while he went out to run an errand. By the time he returned I had sold a pair of Wrangler jeans with matching denim jacket... double denim!

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Style Advisor

As a family run business (Great Grandpa Maurice opened his first men's clothing shop in Small Heath, Birmingham in 1892) our experience enables us to offer a personal service to all our customers, including help and advice on what is suitable to wear for a particular occasion and what styles suit our customers best.

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Who Was Ben Sherman?

Ben Sherman was a legend in his own right. A man described as ‘always embracing the new and the different’; someone constantly searching for the best of things. He disliked regularity, preferring to search out things that were perceived as unavailable to him. He was a passionate businessman with an artist’s soul.

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Grab The Raging Bull By The Horns

Our Raging Bull rugby inspired range of big size menswear is now in stock.  Founded in the foothills of the Severn Valley in Gloucestershire, Raging Bull is the brain child of Former England Ruby International Phil Vickery.

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Another Reason To Visit

With around 140 species of native and non-native trees a stroll around Jephson Gardens is a great place to go after visiting Large & Tall Menswear.

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Ten Years Ago

This year Large and Tall Menswear celebrates its 28 anniversary and today – April 14th 2018, marks 10 years since they purchased their current building at 113 Warwick Street, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 4QZ.

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When we were lads…

When was the last time the British weather behaved itself? When the largeandtall.co.uk team were lads the weather was always just right...

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Ben Sherman is BACK!

After an absence of nearly five years from the big size men’s market the Ben Sherman brand is coming back with Shirts, Polo’s and T-shirts up to 5XL.

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Sunday Opening

For the next three Sundays: 4th December, 11th December and 18th December we will be opening our shop in Leamington Spa from 10:00 to 16:00.

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Oh No, it’s Father’s Day Again!

What to get the ol’ man? Oh boy if you thought Mothers Day was a bit of a trial what the heck can you buy for Dad this Father’s Day… he’s got everything right?

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Jump Start The Warmer Weather

Stan-Stan-the-window-man has dressed our windows with a great mixture of style and colour (including the ubiquitous parrot shirts) - so start praying for a long hot summer!

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What do you know about Socks?

We have many different styles of sock available for men with bigger feet in a wide range of sizes from UK size 6 shoe right up to UK size 17. Within that range we offer different types of socks for comfort...

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Looking Forward

It won’t be long now before our spring/summer 2016 ranges are being delivered, photographed and ready to sell online and in-store. This year we have endeavored to build on our extremely popular 2015 spring/summer ranges of men’s clothes for big and tall men...

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What’s in the box?

A surprise box was delivered to Large and Tall Menswear this week from our big and tall shirt manufacturer, Double Two. On opening it we were surprised to find the tiniest shirt we have ever seen, especially when compared to one of our normal tall fit shirts.

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Young at Heart

Much of our Autumn 2015 range is now in stock and includes a great range of tops for the young at heart.

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If like me you have spent money on certain auction sites in the hope that you will find something that fits, only to find that it either does not fit or the quality is next to rubbish then look no further.

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What does ‘Black Tie’ mean?

On invitations it is not uncommon to see the words ‘Black Tie’ so we often get asked what is mean by this as there appears to be some confusion as to what a ‘Black Tie’ event is and what men should wear

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Recent Testimonials

Thank you for my recent order. The trousers arrived promptly, fitted well and delighted my very tall son. I was so pleased with the excellent service, and hope to shop with you again. Sincerely, K Hudspith

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Product Update

This year Large and Tall Menswear celebrates 25 years in business and we can honestly say that our Spring/Summer 2015 ranges are bigger and better than any before.

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For big and tall men, it’s all about the denim

Open-end denim, unsinged denim; regular, super-regular, comfort, slim, tapered, boot-cut fits; overdyes and vegetable dyes. The days of a pair of jeans just being a pair of jeans are long past so here is a guide to telling your ringspuns from your ring-rings and everything else that goes with it.

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How to Tie a Bow Tie

With the black tie season upon us, we thought it would be a timely opportunity to explain how to tie a bow tie in five easy to follow moves.

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Has fashion moved on for big men?

At one time, and not so long ago, it used to be the case that anyone who was slightly larger than the average could look forward to a life wearing drab unimaginative clothes with no style or flair.

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How To Look Slimmer

Yeah you could go on a diet but I wouldn’t recommend it. The word diet is defined as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”.

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How To Keep Cool

What you wear makes a big difference to how cool you feel. Every wondered why waiters in hot countries wear a vest?

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For big and tall men buying clothes can be very frustrating when nothing fits. The choice on the High Street is either very limited or non-existent and if you are lucky enough to stumble upon the right size it is often a one off product.

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