Has fashion moved on for big men?

At one time, and not so long ago, it used to be the case that anyone who was slightly larger than the average could look forward to a life wearing drab unimaginative clothes with no style or flair, perhaps cavalry twill trousers and a polo shirt if they were lucky, But independent retailers like Large & Tall Menswear in Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, who will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2015, have led the way in pushing the boundaries of fashion for big men and can now offer the same selection for larger men as the high street multiple retailers do in regular sizes.

And that’s not all, not only do they offer the same styles and often brands but, as you would expect, using the knowledge they have gained from almost 25 years of specialising in big sizes the fit, style and quality has also improved immeasurable over the years and the size ranges have got bigger with many ranges now going up to an 8XL.

Along with bigger sizes come bigger prices… wrong! It is certainly more expensive to make larger clothes, obviously more fabric is required and this can sometimes result in uneconomical cuts but the advent of computerised cutting and the ability of manufacturers to offer smaller manufacturing runs using computer aided design means that transport and wage costs play a larger and more equal part of a garments price. The end result is that the difference in price between large and regular size men’s clothes is getting smaller.