How To Keep Cool

What you wear makes a big difference to how cool you feel. Every wondered why waiters in hot countries wear a vest?

1.  Button up shirts are cooler than T-shirts and T-shirts are cooler than polo shirts.

2. Natural fabrics are cooler than man-made ones. If possible go for either a pure or high cotton shirt as natural fabrics breath more easily.

3. Bamboo has all the benefits of cotton with the added benefit of natural anti-bacterial properties.

4. Wear chinos instead of denim jeans. Even though both jeans and chinos are generally made from 100% cotton (although both can have a polyester content), denims are usually manufactured using a heavy 14oz denim fabric and so the weight of the fabric will made you hot.

5. It may sound odd but lighter colours make you feel cooler. There is little logic to this, it’s possible that darker colours absorb the heat while lighter one reflect it but its more to do with the mind, looking cool makes you feel cool.

6. Tight clothes are definitely to be avoided.  Firstly they make you look bigger and secondly with no room around them for air to circulate you will always feel hotter.

7. There are a number of technical fabrics available which wick moisture away through the fabric and away from the body, keeping you cool and dry. These fabrics tend to be more expensive and used on waterproof coats and sportswear although a number of companies including Double Two have experimented in using these for shirts.

8. Ok so why do waiters wear a vest? It’s a cosmetic thing; a vest stops your shirt sticking to your back, who wants their meal served by a waiter with sweat patches? So although is won’t make you cooler it will make you more comfortable.