How To Look Slimmer

Yeah you could go on a diet but I wouldn’t recommend it. The word diet is defined as “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats”. So you shouldn’t ‘go on’ a diet but change your diet and change it permanently if you want to weigh less. Easier said than done I know but a truth non-the-less. But this blog isn’t about losing weight it’s about how bigger men can look slimmer.

1. Contrast colours; wear lighter coloured tops than bottoms, so dark trousers, chinos or jeans with a light coloured shirt. The opposite also works i.e. a dark coloured top and lighter coloured trousers.

2. Don’t wear clothes that are too tight. Despite the trend for ‘fitted shirts’ well fitting clothes should not be tight. A formal shirt should measure 8-10 inches more than you so our 3XL shirts will fit a 50” to 52” chest man but actually measure around 60” across. This is the norm and if a 54” chest man wears a 3XL shirt it may look fine when standing still but will bulge and be uncomfortable when he sits down.

3. Don’t kid yourself wear the correct size clothes and you will not only feel better but look better as well.

4. Don’t be embarrassed about visiting the “Large Man’s Shop”, we’ve seen it all before, and I mean seen it all, why is it that big guys don’t mind walking around the shop in their underwear?