What’s in the box?

baby-shirt-1Double Two Celebrates it’s 75th Anniversary

A surprise box was delivered to Large and Tall Menswear this week from our big and tall shirt manufacturer, Double Two. On opening it we were surprised to find the tiniest shirt we have ever seen, especially when compared to one of our normal tall fit shirts.

Over two decades ago we had the world’s largest shirt on display, a shirt so big it didn’t even fit in our shop. On that occasion the shirt had been made by another of our manufacturers, Peter England and we still sell both brands of shirts in big sizes to 23” collar and tall sizes to 20” collar.

baby-shirt-2baby-shirt-3 baby-shirt-4 Double Two, a family owned company based in West Yorkshire, are celebrating their 75th anniversary and we wish them many happy returns and look forward to continue selling their shirts during the next 75 years.

Incidentally the world’s largest shirt measured a whopping 12 feet tall and 18 feet wide and the baby sitting on my shoulders in the picture below is now a solicitor working for one of the world’s largest legal firms – I have less hair but she has more!World's-largest-shirt


At largeandtall.co.uk we have worked closely with both shirt manufacturers for over a quarter of a century and before that my father’s tailoring company dealt with both companies since the early 1970’s. We have continued to sell their products because the price, fit and quality is always right, our customers also love their shirts; they ask for them by name; and the quality means we can sell them with confidence.


Double Two also manufacture our Bar Harbour range of casual shirts which we stock in a wide range of colours and patterns from 2XL to 5XL. For Winter 2015 our Double Two and Bar Harbour shirts are available in a terrific range of plains, stripes and checks.